Desktop Not Detecting Headset

First, to confirm the hardware of the headset is not defective, please connect the headset with a smartphone/tablet directly (Without using the splitter cable) and make a call to see if it works fine. (Make sure the mic switch on the cord is ON and the volume scroll is turned up.)

If the headset doesn’t even work on your phone/tablet, please email us at and we will provide further help. If the headset works on your phone/tablet, then please follow the directions below.


Step 1: Make sure you have connected the 3.5mm headset plug with the splitter cable and plug the red and green plugs respectively to the pink & green jacks of the motherboard(Or mic & audio jacks on the front panel if your PC host has). Please note that the USB plug is for LED lights only.

Step 2: Go through the link for troubleshooting: